How can we design your website?

Design & Personalisation

Creating a personal online experience has bottom-line benefits. That’s why we make personalized websites or webshops, that fit your customer.

Expert themes & designs

Every theme is created by our own designers and closely match your marketing and shop ambitions. By implementing the latest web design trends your site stays relevant for many years to come.

Add your own content

You can easily add your own content to your website or store. Present your store and team on separate pages, publish your own promotions, show hot products in a gallery or make your own forms.

Responsive & mobile

People no longer sit behind their desktop computer to go on the internet. With responsive web design your site is ready for different screen sizes, like smartphones and tablets.

More languages and Multistore

Bilingual website? Targeting other countries? You can add extra languages whenever you want. Or build out multi-stores that you can manage from one admin interface.

Shopping Cart

Everything you need to build a great ecommerce website, with tons of features, is right here.

Accept Secure Payments

Major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard accepted. Or use major payment gateways like Paypal. All transaction data are completely safe.

Product Quickview

Get maximum sales conversions with features like add-to-cart buttons on every page and product quickview.

Customer Checkout

Customize your checkout procedure to offer customers a convenient way of shopping. Choose between instant pay, overschrijving or a downpayment. Choose for deliveries or let customers pick-up their items.

Remind customers to purchase with automated abandoned cart emails.

With the guest checkout feature customers don’t have to sign up for an account to process their order.

Shipping & Tax rates

Integrate shipping with different carriers.
Show local tax rates depending on the sort of product or customer (B2B).

Administration & Store Management

Everything at your fingertips. Your website must not only look good for your customers. As a retailer you want the same when you’re working day-in day-out with our software.

The administration interface is where you can modify features, upload images, add products, keep track of customers, manage payments, and much more.

Simple navigation

The control panel is user friendly for beginners and more advanced users.

Customer Management

See every purchase by customers, this week or in the past.
Keep track of customer addresses.
Add customers to groups to offer them special pricing.

Modify Products

Modify product info like prices.
Add promotions whenever you like.

Extra for Power Users

Extra logins for employees
Picking Order
Send Methods

Marketing & SEO

Effective online presence & sales. Easier said than done, but with our tools you can get the job done.

No matter if your new in ecommerce or have elaborate experience, with our marketing tools you decide what’s best. Sending out monthly newsletters? Check. Promote your products on social media? Done.

Use our SEO-tools and your website or webshop is fully prepared to achieve high rankings in Google.

Email Marketing

Email is the driving force in ecommerce. It allows you to interact with your customer on a 1:1 basis. Besides a newsletter, you can send reminders (‘Long time no see’), coupons for special occassions like birthdays, and many more.

SEO Pack

Your website is optimized for the biggest search engines, but with this pack you can tweak every page. We allow the use of search engine optimized URLs for product, category, manufacturer and information pages.

Social Media

Social media nowadays is much more than opening a Facebook account, and organize some sweepstakes or contests to attract more likes. With our features you can now start selling on Facebook, and take your social media presence to the next level.

Products & Data

What’s an ecommerce website without great product data?


Our product database is key in helping you achieve more sales.


No matter how many products you want to sell, our architecture is scalable and will grow with your store.


Customers can easily browse your products by brand or category. They can see recently viewed products. Or bundle products together for more conversions.


Products that are out of inventory will not show online. See returned items and other backorder settings.