1 – NMG establishes a PIM, Product information Management system, a central database for retailers, distributors and brands that is used in Webshops and ERP systems
2 – NMG builds a marketplace ( for consumers, so they can swiftly find the best products, best prices, fastest delivery and both online shops and nearest shops in
3 – NMG develops webshops and special web software, tools for retailers and brands
4 – NMG publishes informative e-zines (Elektrozine, Cuizine, decozine) to keep consumers, retailers, distributors and brands informed of new products and trends

Through our platforms brands can find their products showcasing in our online magazines, software tools and product database. By adding the where-to-buy button, we provide a high click through and conversion rate to retailers. Who can also use Niwzi’s extensive database for their website and sales in their store.

We are much more than an ICT company or publisher. We are a Media Group and convinced that you can only build a good website with strong content, stories and product data. Not like other ICT companies or Web shopbuilders who only deliver an empty box.

The Niwzi platform allows retailers and brands to give their sales a boost.

Our 3 online magazines and our Niwzi product database provide relevant and buying visitors to the affiliated retailers and brands

We provide brands with a great platform to showcase their products in our magazines and product database. By adding a Buy-button we get great conversion rates.

What others like about Niwzi

Great Content

We create compelling content because we think like journalists. Actually we are journalists.

Showcase your Best Products

Products need a story. How else can you stand out in this crowded landscape? Our editorial team takes care of that.

Get in Control

Retailers and brands have control over their product data and branding.

Boost Sales

Products are always linked with the retail channel brands and shop owners. It maximizes conversion rates.

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