Leave your productdata up to us

You are the owner of an e-commerce website and you are looking for a partner who’s able to manage all the data and keep the products up to date? Including high quality images, movies and all the specifications?

We’re able to deliver a custom datafeed, depending on the products that you sell in your store or webshop.

Connection with ERP, POS-systems or accounting systems

A good looking website or webshop is one thing, but Niwzi Media Group is able to setup a connection with other applications such as ERP, point of sales systems or accounting systems.

Today, it’s a must for the software you use as a retailer to be linked with your website, webshop or mobile application.

Thanks to our smart integrations you’re able to manage everything from one place. This results in more time and more resources to focus on the actual sale.


Our productdatabase is able to be connected to numerous systems, like CRM, ERP or PIM. For every individual retailer, we research the connections that need to be made.

What does this mean in practice for retailers

Steeds de juiste prijzen

By adding and mapping the prices to the products, customers always get to see correct information. While you only need to add the pricetags on one location.

Display of stock

By displaying an indication of the stock or the delivery time, you’re providing transparant information to your customer, which improves your conversion rate remarkably.

Detailed productpage

Every productdetailpage has all the necessary info for the visitor, like in-depth data, specifications and high resolution pictures.

Enrichment of productdata

Next to the standard productdata, Niwzi Media Group is able to provide custom descriptions of products, more pictures or movies, or even promotions that are relevant to a specific product.