How can Niwzi help retailers?

Nowadays, it is important for retailer to offer a website with information along with an user friendly design . Titillating stories, news about innovative products, extensive product info, etc. We provide all!


More visitors

Drive more visitors and leads to your online and offline store

Save Money

No more hours wasted on handling product data and manually updating prices

Total Control

You decide which products will appear online, and the prices.

Custom website

Tweak your website and design to your needs

Marketing Tools

Customer loyalty tools

More visitors

Drive more visitors and leads to your online and offline store (via search engines and our magazines). You will appear as official dealer, agent or installer of a brand, nationwide and in your local area

Expert themes & designs

Each theme of every website is designed by our in house designers. Keeping in mind your marketing-store ambitions throughout the whole process. By implementing that last one, your website will continue to stay fresh through out the years.



Add your own content

You can easily add your own content to your website or store. Niwzi will automatically load your product info. Write down your vision behind the store on a separate page, show your employees, publish promotions or specific actions, show the trendiest products in a photo gallery and create your own fill-in forms.

Responsive & mobile

It has been proving that having a responsive web design is a must. This makes the design but also the functionality of your website compatible for every device from a desktop computer to a mobile phone or tablet.

More languages and multistore

Bilingual website? Targeting other countries? You can add extra languages whenever you want. Or build out multi-stores that you can manage from one admin interface.

Save Money & Resources

You won’t be losing time product informations or adjusting pricing
Get a quick & clear view of product sheets
Focus on online conversion and physical visitors and let Niwzi do the work for you! Content that works!
Discover our PIM system – Product information Management! Automatically load the latest products with photos, descriptions, properties and prices on your website!


Total control

Everything at the tips of your fingers. U decide which products are online and what their price is.
Link to your inventory.
Missed a product? We’ll add it on request.

100% customisable website

The Niwzi design team…
We build a website that meets your professional standards! But you get total control over the design of your website, so you can adapt quickly.

 Built-in Marketing tools

Customer loyalty tools, newsletters, coupons, marketing functions such as promotions or subscriptions,